Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Devotion Lyric


devotion its in me
to the luck that hold your dreams
sending whispers from the fall
as its ways to find your heart
now the fool you ever said
you must not see them all

devotion gets you up
on those morning in the dark
when you fumble for the light
asking what your day be like

and answers will up and called
as devotion leads you on

there you go
if your head full of ideas
get it shows
as a purpose in your feet

little fall dont let it crawled
little part
dont leave it cold, stay

*just love and be honest 

*im not so sure about this part ;p*

It is quite hard to find this song's lyric on the net.. so, I've decided to..well, u know.. to upload this lyric. First of all, this great song by Paul Weller, the name of the song is Devotion, and this song too, are in the BBC's movie called 'United'.

The movie is about the Munich's disaster in 1958, if you guys havent seen this yet, you'll gonna love it..well, if you are a TRUE Manchester United. This is what makes United's fans different from others. In this movie, you'll find that this club was build from a great spirit and determination.

And to me personally, this what makes United so special, we're not just a rich and glamorous club, we have something that others dont, which is - history! So, be proud if you are a Devils fan and dont be some uneducated others club fan aite..be a true well educated fan will ya ;)

So, enjoy this video+song..GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED !!

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