Friday, October 26, 2012

Manchester United - So Far

Here is current Premier League table. Manchester United are second on the table, and still have to face league leader - Chelsea this Sunday, 28 October, 12am.

Fixtures & Result

Man United's BPL Fixtures for November

Dont forget to watch this great match :

Chelsea vs Manchester United
Sunday, 28 October 2012, 12am
Live at Astro Supersport 3 (817)



MéuzAngelo™ XXIII said...

UCL semalam banyak team2 besar yg kalah [link blog saya]

haniazhr said...


A.I.Z.A.T said...

Hi Abg MéuzAngelo™ XXIII - first of all, thanks sbb jenguk blog saya n bg komen..hehe

pastu, tu la kan, Man United je dari EPL yg menang, pelik btol.. Chelsea, Arsenal, M.City sume kalah.. ksian btol..ptanda chelsea nak kena la ahad ni. hehe..

A.I.Z.A.T said...

Cik haniazhr - Yeah.. Glory Glory Man United!!! thanks for visiting!

Azlan Strider said...

time aku baca nie result game pun dah tau..fair enough man united win sebab dorang pun main dengan baik tapi a bit harsh to chelsea bila torres kena buang padang to the crime he did not commit..hehehe


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