Friday, April 20, 2012

The 10 Best Search Engines of 2012

Here is The 10 Best Search Engines of 2012. Some of them are ridicolously like Google, Yahoo or Bing are undoubtedly popular, and some of them, well..Not quite.. Anyway, you can explore the search engines yourself by clicking on each names below.

Happy searching..Thanks

 Source - nettforbeginners

1) Ask

 2) Duck Duck Go

3) Bing

4) The Internet Archive

5) Yippy (Formerly known as 'Clusty')

6) Yahoo

7) Mahalo

8) Dogpile

9) Webopedia

10 Google


aidajusoh said...

x smua sy tau kewujudannya...he2,,,yg sy tau ask,bing,yahoo & google jer...he3

A.I.Z.A.T said...


thanks singgah cik aidajusoh.. sy pun taktau semua searc engine tu.. tau yg glemer2 je ;p

Unknown said...

haloooo... are you... =) tpt ke 10 ke?
aduyaiii =)

A.I.Z.A.T said...

ELeEa - im are ya? bila kawin? hehe..lama dah tak 'jumpe' kan?

btw - ok la tu no 10, ada gak dlm top list..hehe

Unknown said...

@ AIZAT ~ ye sdh jadik c.puan skang...da a year jadik sorg wife...wah gitu kan...=) hahaha is d best =)

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