Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Luiz Suarez - Disgraced to Football World


After winning over Liverpool (with style) last Saturday, many eyes was on Evra-Suarez battle. For United fans, it is sure without any doubt was a great revenge for our captain, Patrice Evra. Unfortunately for those Kop fans without big brain, they were using this beat down to attacked Manchester United & our great Sir Alex Ferguson.

Many thoughts are spread upon this Evra-Suarez incident, to a 'no brainer' Liverpool's fan, this is what they said, this is actually a fan reply letter to their own fellow-fan, which has a column on The Star (Tuesday, 14th Feb 2012), and which the columnist has surprisingly agreed with the idea that came from United's Manager - Alex Ferguson, and that is to kick Suarez out. 

Here is some part of the reply letter that came from Kop's fan that i was telling you about :

From left, Evra - Clear WINNER & Suarez - Clear LOSER!!
"What about MU with player who cheated on his pregnant wife, player who romped with 10 secret lovers including topless model and strippers and player who secretly slept with his brother's wife for 8 years? Are those act not a disgrace to the club, What have you to say about those players? Sack them!          "                                            

So how was it, did you guys agreed with this gentleman? Hehehehehe ;p I strictly do not agree with those act (Rooney and Giggs's cheating, bla bla bla, and all that). It was undeniable that this was a immoral, uncivilized act and a disgraced to a family institution. I repeat - "a disgraced to a family institution", but not for Manchester United & football especaially. Why??

Because when great Wayne Rooney cheated, he cheated on his wife. When Ryan Giggs cheated, he was doing it to his wife and brother. On the other hand, what Suarez did to Evra, you know. All the 'negro' calling, ignore the hand shaking is completely another issue - IDIOT!! Because what Suarez did, is racially abused another football player, it was different and you cannot treat them with the same act.

Suarez's not so professional, irrational act were made to another footballer, and of course we can take it as a disgraced to world football, that is why, to me personally & others rational minded, this action were and always be unacceptable. Also that, who is Suarez anyway?? Why that he has to be BIGGER than Liverpool, bigger than football? 

Did Luis Suarez owned Liverpol? No right? So, why take this seriously, like this is an end of the world, so what. United won, Suarez served his eight match banner already. Just moving on bitches! Don not bitches here and there, just accept the fact that what Luis Suarez did was wrong and like it or not, it affected his own club reputations.

Liverpool is a big club, with great history in football world. Why let this little guy ruined it. People with brain will agreed with me, but to some non football minded brain - this is bull shits. All you done is to blame others when your club lose. That's pathetic, and please do not call yourself a football fan, be ashamed because YOU and Suarez done nothing but humiliated us - The TRUE football fans.


Here is some pictures from the match, hope u'll enjoy it




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