Wednesday, May 18, 2011






 "Glory Glory Man United,
  Glory Glory Man United, 
   Glory Glory Man United,  
As The Reds go marching on on on"

Yes, we are marching on. This is like our 19th titles and nothing can beat this feeling, a feeling of joy from a fan, not just a fan, but great one. One who stood up and cherished his team not only on glorious day, for losing is all he hated, but still, he is a fan. Not just a regular great fan, he would do everything just to watch his team playing, not even rain, not even flood can stop him :)

Not even when his team losing that he stop watched, looks like he never stop. So, when Manchester United managed to get only a draw against Blackburn last saturday, a secured goal that guaranteed 19th Premier League titles, he was the most happiest fan by that time, there's no words can describe his feeling. The joy that only United can bring to his life more than anything.

Many people cannot or never understand, what with Manchester United or even football that he or she and everyone else is so obsessed about, they cant unless they are a true fan. His friends will never understand why is that watching Man United playing is more important than watching some movies at cinema or attend some unfriendly friend wedding, no he cant.. He just can..

He's not like other jerks, who only start watching after potential winning, or just last 5 or 6 games, he never was that poser. If there was 38 games, he make sure he got at least 37 live watching experience, not just internet result peeking, just because he loves the game too much. Cursing is what he do to other fake fan, cause he always knew they deserved it.

Fake fan is not worth to listened to, because they are FAKE, especially their words. Can't let them talk is what we should do, a disgrace to wonderful world of football is that they always be, we true fans do care. We real fans can slap those posers right in their f*****g face if we want to, when necessary. Plus, talking bout football even one small word to them is a sin.

All i wanted to say is, CONGRATULATION to my beloved team, 'The Awesome' Manchester United for their 'just claimed' 19th Premier League titles, this is no joke or a good luck. They won it cause they earned it, the best team win, it is that simple and i simply cannot wait for Champions League Final against Barcelona (28th May 2011), it will be my glorious day ever if we can beat Barca and i hope we will.
Chow for now..


Nurmala Mazlan said...

Banyaknye Wallpaper..

A.I.Z.A.T said...

huk huk..kak, banyak wallpaper sebab maleh nak taip banyak2.. hihi

hajarus said...

wallpaper yang sangat sesuai utk peminat bola cam aizat... heee...

Hot Mama said...

i like..i like..i like..hehe..

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