Saturday, July 4, 2009

Owen join United

Michael Owen, a 'Devils' finally

David Gill present new kit to Owen

Two years contract signed

Manchester United is delighted to announce that it has signed Michael Owen on a two-year contract. The striker was out of contract, so no transfer fee is involved.

When one of my buddies send me a message bout Owen goin to join United, im gasp. But yet happy cause im a fan of him myself, we all know he can score goals, and i know he will be great signing for dis club..

All fan know that Owen will not be playin for de whole game but when he fit, he will do his job. At United he already had a lots of player who can open de game, do all de runnin, United just need someone who can flick de ball.

Yes and the wright man for this job is Owen, alongside Wazza and Berba, lets hope they all three can scores. We lost Ronaldo which is bad thing dat we dont want but lets not forget, this is United u talkin about..

We never surrender, remember? we'll do our job, and we're gonna make sure we hv de will to fight, in United We Stand, we believe, we trust, let's hope next season we can defend our legue title..hehe


Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Michael is a world class forward with a proven goalscoring record at the highest level and that has never been in question. Coming to Manchester United with the expectations that we have is something that Michael will relish.”


KhairiL said...

glory glory united


pEaCe said...

yeah!! owen!?? yeah!!

glory2 UNITED!!!


yeah..dh konpem ek..smlm tgk brita belum lg..hrp2 join MU jgn duk injured je cm dlm Newcastle..hehe..lmbt la season bru nk sport dh jrg bka skang..hehe

YoYo said...

yeah.. he's 'DEVILS'!! kude tua yg pasti masih berbisa.. partner ngan Rooney kan?? ok la sure menjadi mcm mase jadi partner men ngan England..

who's next?? hehe

UNITED we Stand!!

jom serang Bukit Jalil jumpe Owen n Valencia..

Unknown said...

yesserr... man u - unite..
yehaaa.... cayak ar aizat.

lagu pon best siot.
bergegar umah aku pasang lagu
kat blog hang nih. tapi line
sangkut sangkut plak~

I_Hate_Lolipop said...

aku budak baru belajar...(mula berkecimpung minat MAN U)...

er?..glory..glory Man U??

Amar said...


Man United is always in my heart no matter what happens..owen will shine again with united.

terasa lama sungguh tak bc blog pasal bola.. x sabarnye nak tunggu new season start.

Jade said...



bgs le..

Cikgu Nort said...

owen...hadirmu menceriakan Aizat da... huhuhuhuhu... moga sihat bro...

z.a.r.a said...

fuhh~ kipas-susah-mati MU~

glory2...*even aku xmnat pun* hehe :)

farah, s. said...

owen??? comellll. heee ;p

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