Monday, May 4, 2009



Well, when u looked at de poster, u know la rite what dis is all about? heheh, of course u do.. so, which of u see it already? raise ur hand..nope? not yet?? not intrested??(well think again)..
I really think dis is by far greatest movie i've watched for this year 2009.

It was never borring, the whole story i mean the plot, the characters, the action, the superpower, the Wolverine himself all look really fantastic, Hugh Jackman was so super cool in this movie, now i know why the Wolverine always like dont remember a thing in previous X-Man thrillogy..

Wolverine or his real name is Logan actually have a brother, Victor who had exactly quite the same stuff same like Wolverine, he does have a claws, only little shorty.hehehe..Anyway, if u an X-Man fan, u should go watch dis movie, its a great one which is u never regret, which a fren of mine watched it 2x already..

A week before last Saturday, i already got download version of this movie from a friend, of course he got it from internet, but i dont even take a 'peek' of it, i wait for Cinema version and im 100% satisfied..

So, enough said, pegi ar tengok sendiri kat wayang berhampiran dan nescaya ianya berbaloi bagi setiap RM yang dilkluarkan.huhuhuhuh


Cybernetics Mind said...

wahhh...kalo cam ni kena pegi tgok bestttt jer, tmbah2 plak yg kasik komen aizatbest, kompemmm best...heheheh

A.I.Z.A.T said...

bro Cybernetic mind-

ni perli ke ape ni?huhu..
tp serius,mmg terlampau best ar bagi saya,cite ni layan oo.. ade action, romance, lawak ar tgk;)

Cahaya Yang Riang Gembira said...

Kalao camtu encik aizat jewk laa blanje tgk cite ni blh? Heehee.. Alah.. Jgn riso.. Nescaya berbaloi bg stiap RM yg dikluarkan utk saya.. Hak hak hak.. =p

Cikgu Nort said...

ni kalo bawak anak aku ni,mesti dia kagum tuh

Che Aliaa said...

ceh.. tgk x-men x ajak eh? hehe ;P

Unknown said...

G tgk kat ner aizat?
tgv ke gsc yg best?
kdg2 efek 2 yg wat gempak...membest kan lg movie yg kita tgk...

A.I.Z.A.T said...

TO Nur Farhana Abdullah-

heheh,sy belanja? baru nk mintak awk blanja,hahaha..ala xpe, sy ade student card.ble dpt diskaun.huhu

A.I.Z.A.T said...

TO Nort-

Hehehe nort,bawak ar..konpem ar kagum..effect die best best oo

A.I.Z.A.T said...

TO Che Aliaa-

ok k, lain kali sy ajak ar..huhu

A.I.Z.A.T said...

TO Eleea-

sy gi klcc je,ngan akusape n rusdi. hehe.

jln cite die dah best, pastu lak effect die gempak, so mmg sgt best ar jadinye.huhu

bln 6 jum g tgk transformers reramai nak? kreuger ajak..hehe

Che Aliaa said...

da tgk kat dvd semlm cite ni.. mmg best la!!~
yg x best nya siap ade tali2 lagi.. tp layan kan ajelah.. huuuu

A.I.Z.A.T said...

To Che Aliaa-

wah tgk dvd?

sy sblm tgk wyg pn dh dpt cite ni yg version download,

tapi sbb excited nk tgk wyg,
so sy lupekan ar nk tgk versi download tu dlu..

bkn ape, kalo tgk kt wyg puas ati,
ngan gamba besa, sound best..

hunter said...

mmg berbaloi rm10 tiket aku byar tgk xmen nih. 5 star

Che Aliaa said...

huuu..tulah.. nk g tgk wyg nnt!

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