Monday, September 15, 2008

Bye Bye

Remember when i used to care? I was always there no matter what, im glad to be such good friend, and hope they will reply the same to me.. People change everyday, there's a day they sit very next to you, holding u tight like they never let go,but sadly another day u saw them go,just like that..

Then come a day where they try to compared u with others, then a day where they gonna forget u will come, then suddenly all your efforts go all down to drain.. When that particular time comin, dont be surprise as that it just the way of normal life is..When they said they dont need you, it means they dont need you..But when they try to reach you, dont bother..Let them die in your very heart, they deserved it..Say "bye-bye"

1 comment:

Nurmala Mazlan said...

Akak pernah rasa cam gini..

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