Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy 20th Birthday to Iffa Islah

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This is for u, Awakkkkkkkkk..Singing "Selamat hari jadi, Selamat hari jadi, Selamat hari jadi, Selamat hari jadi Islah, Selamat hari jadi"..yeay..20 tahun lepas iaitu pada tarikh yang sama hari ini, 7 jun 1988.. she was born in penang if im correct, she's cute, adorable, and now she already means alot to all the people that around her(i bet).. her family of course, her friends, and me on the hit list..heheh. no that time, seorang budak perempuan dilahirkan oleh ibunye iaitu puan Fauziah Alias selamat dilahirkan ke dunia ini.."jeng, jeng, jeng"..dan dia dinamakan Iffa Islah binti Abdul Majid..

She's a friend of mind..when i first met her in March 2006 at my college(PTPL Sentral), she's got college orientation by dat time, and im the facilitator's i recognize that her face is like other friend of mind..someone who once close to me..and that makes me takut' of Islah dat time(not anymore).. takut to say hi'..takut of this and, the 2nd day of the orientation, we went to Hutan Rimba Komanwel at Rawang..i still remember how the first 'hi' was a very traditional style of mine-jokes-..i make her to pour the drink for me at dinner time, and before that i asked her name, i know her name already..but i just wanna 'kacau' her dat time..and she also with this another good friend and my other like lil sis, Fiqa, all the time..which she is always laugh dat time..and after she filled the drinks, i said thanks but to some other girl's name like 'rozana', 'fatimah' etc, just to see her i ask her name again and jahat of me dat time..but dat is history..we remains as a good buddies till now and if not too extreme if i can say, we're like bro n sis rite now..she's always here in my heart..always...forever..until the end i always gonna luv her..i care for her more than anything in this world, i just didn't said this stuff, and i mean this..hope dat she

Islah dear-Happy 20th Birthday, hope u always happy no matter what ur doing and whatever gonna comes in time, i just want u to know, i will always be there for you and i promise..take care

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GADIS yaya said...

sweet gileh babihh. haha

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