Tuesday, June 17, 2008


(from left-Ajoi,Tajul,Aizat,Dashriq and Botax at behind)

They from KL, all of em had been playing music since highschool. they talented, they not like usual band existed..they got vision and they do know music..GRAY is represent by Tajul(lead), Ajoi(Bass), Aizat(Drum), Dashriq(vox) and Botax (Rhythm)..they all 22years old dis year..they all went to the same school together and yet they all in the band together..they made the music by them self, they use to play music in their home starting from hobbies then they only go to public and since last year and got couple's of gigs..so i intend to write about this guy cause i think they got what it takes to be a band, they didnt copy from others then called their own, they made they own and so on..so come on, support our own malaysian band..thanks ya

For any event/shows or gigs please do email at

aizatbest@gmail.com or

wanaizat@gmail.com or

visit the link below for further information bout this cool hot band..if u know someone who plan to organize a gigs or need a band for some event, please do tell em bout this band aite.. thank you so much for your support..Hope to hear from u guys soon


GADIS yaya said...

botax botax botax (; si badut saya. ;p

Shimaks said...

U going ah Yaya?
Aizat u gi ker?

A.I.Z.A.T said...

gi kot..u??

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