Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Red Devils and their 10th..


Hahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahah.. thats enough ..last sunday ended with a sweet, happy, excited, tremendous, fabolous and fantastic feeling.. I woke up early 6 in the morning to performed my solat Subuh..and the whole day after i just keep thinking bout how that night gonna be..if United dont win, i donnoe how to tell..but they do win..2 goals to nothing.. Wigan a tough opponent, but United just too strong...Cristiano Ronaldo score a penalty shootout and recently claimed his 31th tally for the season, and legendary Ryan Giggs secured a 2nd goal with his brilliant left foot after Wayne Rooney passed the ball..At pelita KLCC, we watched this great last game,me eith other regular companion like Komeng, Shahir, Norul Hizam, Nas, Syukran, and Wahab..United ended this season with 87points, Chelsea 85points and 'stupid loser' Arsenal with 83points..This season 38 games total, i got watch live 36 games total not include Champoins League games which i never missed.hehe.but that 1 epl game that i missed cause that day got a futsal friendly, and the other because there is no live telecast that day..so u know how im going to pissed off if United didnt win the title..hehhe..GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED, .GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED, .GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED AND THE REDS KEEP MARCHING ON..;)

1 comment:

wee said...

glory_glory man united... we are the champion. Sethn xabis cite ni..

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