Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Girls and Football teams..

well last day argument with fren bring me to this..
it was a basically bout boys talk over their great football team..
me so Manchester United that i would throw up when i saw a Liverpool shirt etc..
so this words just coming out spontaneously when joe(fren of mine)keep sayin he's not a Gunners Fanatic..but then still talking shit over my great was a bit like this..

"Joe, being a fan of a football team is like being with ur girlfriend(which he doesn't have one ).
of course theres a lot of football team's in the world like United, Real Madrid, Ac Milan n others who played beautiful football and u can enjoyed of watching em but when u find the one that really impressed, ur goin to stick with em as long as u can for ur whole life..just like girls,there's sure they also pretty and beautiful just u cant watch them all, because when u find the ONE, stick with her as long as u can for your whole life and she's you're goin to 'watch'..and while u being a fan, no matter how suck you're team lose or win, u still have to support and show ur true matter what, its about you're pride which u can't mix it up and its important how u defend for what u believe,so ,and u'll never lose as long as u stay in de wright track and at least u got a direction which ur goin to follow,for others who doesn't..shame on u .."

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S Y A S Y A said...

bla bla bla bla....;P

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